Soul of Flame (Imdalind, #4)

Soul of Flame (Imdalind, volume 4)


Paperback, Pages: 402

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Language: English

Reads: 96

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Book Summary

I may have escaped Cails delusions ...... But my world is still on fire.It was a miracle when Ilyan pulled me from Cails mind. Too bad the creepy bleeding walls, and broken bathroom from hell followed me back into reality. Now everything is so mixed with the twisted, haunted house that you would think I was losing my mind. Walls are moving, people are screaming and Ryland is right there, just begging me to kill him. Which is great, cue the sarcasm, I get my best friend back, and now I want to rip him to pieces. Being trapped inside Cails insanity has turned me into just as much of a weapon as Ryland. Both of us, broken little pawns, trapped in an old abbey in the middle of Spain, surrounded by Edmunds army, just waiting for the war to end all wars to begin. You know, the one that I am supposed to die in order to save the world. Hopefully it wont be impossible. I may be battling with my mind, but my trip into insanity has woken up my powers, and now there is no stopping me. Even Ilyan isnt ready to lose. Which is probably why on the night of the battle that is supposed to be my last, he does something that will impact us forever. Hopefully for the best.Just when you think it cant get any better, Ilyan had to go and do that?! I guess you better dive right in and find out what that is. Enjoy!Brilliantly Written--Youre Left Burning in Need to Find Out What Happens Next - Let The Ink Run Free ★★★★★I was totally captured from beginning to end. Twists and turns and amazing love! So swoon worthy. -Jeni, Amazon Review ★★★★★Can this series get any better The pages just keep sucking you in more and more and it gets harder to stay away, so if you have something to do do not start and read this book.... you will not be able to put it down - B.M. Warner, Amazon Review ★★★★★Get Lost in This Complete Series Today! Kiss of Fire, Book One Eyes of Ember, Book Two Scorched Treachery, Book Three Soul of Flame, Book Four Burnt Devotion, Book Five Brand of Betrayal, Book Six Dawn of Ash, Book Seven Crown of Cinders, Book Eight Ilyan, Book Nine

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